Meet Michael

I like to think I'm laid back and easy going. I was born in Ottawa, Canada, but currently reside in Orlando, FL. I have a Masters Degree in Accounting from UCF and have a CPA license. My travels are initially what drew me to photography. I've been fortunate enough to visit various places in Asia, Europe, and North America. After a few years of experience, I've found that I love photographing people. Photos just don't seem as satisfying to me if there isn't a human emotion involved.


Photo by: Sam Hurd

Photo by: Sam Hurd

The majority of my clients have never been photographed professionally before. I have a different approach than most photographers and I believe this has helped shape my style. I love leaving home not knowing what will be on my camera that night.

Instead of attempting to define my photography in words, I try and let my work speak for itself. Between my consistent application of techniques and my ability to maintain an open mind, the photos I deliver are creative and honest. If you think my style compliments yours, I truly hope we chat soon!

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