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The Capitol

Nick, Alex, Eric, and I planned a trip to Key West at the end of September, but due to Hurricane Irma, we had to change it up last minute. We found some cheap flights to DC and stayed in an awesome Airbnb near the Capitol Building.

I recently started using a new editing engine called DVLOP...and it is changing everything for me. DVLOP opened shop a month or two ago and they have redefined what I've known presets to be. I've never been a fan of buying presets, but this is different. The DVLOP profiles have evolved my work in very subtle, yet powerful ways. I've noticed a significant improvement in skin tones and the overall crispness of my images. I truly feel these profiles compliment my current style rather than define it. Currently I'm using Jeff Newsom and Sam Hurd's collections. 

Anyways, here are some of my favorites. All in chronological order. 

We started at the Arlington National Cemetery. 


Then we made our way to the Washington Monument before heading to the American History and Natural History Museums.


The giant necklace above is the Hope Diamond. Fun fact - the Hope Diamond is 45.52 carats and is surrounded by 16 white diamonds and suspended from a platinum chain bearing 46 more diamonds. Approximate value: $350 million USD.


Next day we started at the Newseum. The photography gallery in there alone was worth the admission fee. Below are a couple pictures of the Berlin Wall. This might be the only piece in North America. 

One of my favorite places in DC was this museum - The National Portrait Gallery 


Next stop was Mount Vernon - George Washington's home 

After Mount Vernon, we went back into DC for dinner at Founding Farmers. After dinner we went to check out the monuments at night. The Korean War Memorial was spectacular.

Our last day started at the Capitol Building. We took the tour. Fun fact - as of last year, the entire outer wall of the rotunda is electrified so that birds don't land on it.  


One of the last places we had time to visit was the National Botanical Garden. Definitely a highlight of the trip.