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Accion Photo Tours 2016-2017

For the fourth year in a row I had the amazing opportunity to work with a large non-profit company called Accion. Over a few weeks we traveled across the state of Florida, the Boston area, and NYC to photograph some incredibly passionate small business owners. 

This is one of the most challenging jobs I've done. Even though I'm in awesome locations like NYC or Boston, I'm often confronted with not so inspiring spots such as parking lots, dark rooms, or a random truck yard in Miami. This job has pushed my limits of being able to make awesome pictures at any location, in any light. 

Here is a mega dump of 96 images (hopefully it loads), starting with Boston. Enjoy. 

PS...I just got back from Paris, so expect another blog post soon :)

Now for the small business owners from NYC...

Miami, FL:

Orlando, FL:

Jacksonville, FL: