Do you travel?
Yes! I'm based out of Orlando, FL but have been traveling the world my entire life. Distance doesn't stop me!

Do you personally edit the pictures?
Yes, always. 

How many images will I get?
I NEVER limit the amount of photos I deliver, EVER. I usually deliver 50-75 images from a portrait session. For weddings and events, I usually deliver 50-75 images per hour of coverage. 

How long does it take to get my images? 
Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks for a portrait session and 4 weeks for a wedding. This can vary depending on demand at the time but I make sure to discuss this with you prior to booking. 

What are your prices?
Please refer to the Pricing tab above. If you don't see a price that matches your vision, please contact me so we can discuss your thoughts. 

How do I book and pay?
After we discuss your portrait session or wedding, I will send you an online payment portal. You are also welcome to write me a check. To own your date, I require a $75 deposit for portrait sessions and a $500 deposit for wedding packages. 

What should I wear to a portrait session?
You are welcome to wear whatever you'd like. It should be something you are comfortable in. Something that you can possibly sit or lay on the ground in. Most importantly, it should be something that compliments your style and makes you feel amazing. You should avoid any clothing with large logos or distracting designs. Please see my Session Advice page for more information. 

Why should I print with you?
I work directly with a professional printing lab so that your photos are of the highest quality. Feel free to print on your own, but there is a good chance the quality will not be the same. When you print with me, I make sure the colors, size, aspect ratio, etc. are exactly how they should be.

I saw some super cool pictures someone posted online. Can you recreate this?
Although I always keep in mind what my clients want, please realize that trying to recreate what someone else has already done may not turn out as you'd expect. My best images are made when my clients place their trust in me to produce images that are unique to their day.

If your question is not answered here, please Contact me.
-Michael (mmendoncaphoto@gmail.com)