Print Shop

I work directly with a professional printing lab so that your prints are of the highest quality. Every photo stands out in its own way and may suit different print styles. Lets talk about which images you want to print and where you will be displaying them so I can recommend the best options for you. Below you can find  a few different print options and their associated prices. All sizes are in inches.

To order, click the button at the bottom of this page and fill out the form. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order and process your payment. 

Size // Price
4x6 // 2.50
8x8 // 5
8x10 // 7
8x12 // 9
12x18 // 15
16x16 // 32
16x20 // 32
16x24 // 47
20x30 // 61

Photographic Prints
Photographic prints come in a choice of Lustre or Metallic Kodak Endura Professional Papers. This option is perfect if you have your own frame or display to mount the photos to.

Bamboo Panels
Bamboo panels are my personal favorite. These are great for outdoor photos, but also bring a natural feel to images taken indoors. This print style truly has the potential to compliment all types of photos. These panels are 3/4'' thick and are solid wood. These are more substantial to Standouts, and are similar to Wood Prints without the appearance of wood grain showing through the images. Bamboo panels arrive ready to be hung.

Size // Price
8x8 // 55
8x10 // 65
8x12 // 75
12x18 // 120
16x20 // 165
16x24 // 200
20x30 // 275

Contemporary Standouts
These sleek Standout's are made from a lightweight foam with the edge of your preference. You can choose from five different edge options: Black, White, Light Wood, Stainless Steel, and Bamboo. My personal favorite is Bamboo. All Standouts are 3/4'' thick and arrive ready to hang.

Size // Price
8x10 // 30
8x12 // 40
10x10 // 35
12x18 // 55
16x16 // 70
16x20 // 75
16x24 // 110
20x30 // 140

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.16.46 PM.png

Maple Panels
The Maple Panel gives photos a natural and organic look. These are made from real maple wood and your images are printed directly onto it. This gives your image a wood grain effect that comes through the lighter colors and white areas of your image. No two boards will look exactly the same, so your print will be one of a kind. They are 1/2'' thick and arrive ready to hang with a pre-cut hole.  

Size // Price
8x8 // 50
8x10 // 55
8x12 // 65
12x12 // 80
12x18 // 105
16x20 // 130
16x24 // 145
20x30 // 210

All orders must be a minimum of $25 (excluding shipping). Shipping is a standard $5 fee per order. Orders over $150 are eligible for FREE shipping. Once your order is placed, there are no exchanges or refunds.